Friday, June 4, 2010

Tea Parties

Tea parties have been so popular lately that they even hosted two at my kids school. Of course, it wasn't the political tea party, but an actual tea party.
Jamison's tea party was first. The dress code was not exactly formal, but more dressy than normal. I put Jamison in his tie and sports coat and sent him into his classroom to helps his friends prepare for the party. Fifteen minutes later he comes out to escort me into the room with his coat missing, his tie unzippered all he way and just hanging around his neck, and his shirt untucked. So much for dressy.
We sat at our table with his classmates Isabella and Kerem. Since both of their mother's are also pregnant we were lucky enough to get the three "big person" chairs in the class room as our seats. I love special treatment! Their teachers probably just didn't want to see the three of us struggle in and out of the toddler seats. Kerem's mom was due that week with baby #2, I am due in July, and Isabella's mom is due in August.
One of the many things I love about my kids preschool - Isabella's family is from Columbia and Kerem's is from Turkey. What a great cultural experience just at our small table!

Jamison carefully brought me my tea.

And then he proceeded to act like a monkey.

This lasted through the children's performance...which he refused to participate in for some unknown reason. That's very unlike him but I just ignored him and applauded his classmates.

He also refused to smile for our picture. But overall he was a gentleman and we had a nice mother/son tea party.

Lily's tea party was a few days later. Since this was her third year of having a tea party she knew what to do. She looks so sun-kissed in this picture!

She was very generous with the snacks that she brought me - I'm glad they were all healthy.

Her class performed two songs and Lily sang right along with the rest of them. There was a 50/50 chance that she would just stand there so I was happy that she decided to participate.

Please ignore the pregnancy face....I will look normal again in a few months...
This was Lily's last tea party in her preschool - I'm pretty sure that her kindergarten won't host tea parties. But we'll have many years of school events to come!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Fantastic Photography Skills

On our sunset cruise, when we were in Charleston, we saw some dolphins playing in the water. I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping away. Take a look at the magic that I captured!

Did you see the dolphin? No? Try this one:

Did you see the fin? It's right there!

And no matter how many pictures I took.....

That stupid dolphin was faster than my camera. But I promise there was a dolphin there.