Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jamison's Third Birthday

Don't ask where I've been. I've been here and I've been doing nothing except waiting. Lots of waiting.
Jamison's birthday was last month and while I had the pictures uploaded I just didn't have the gumption to actually post anything. I still don't have the gumption but I am motivated by plenty of guilt!
Birthday morning-
and no, I have no idea why he didn't have a shirt on.
He loves garbage trucks and his favorite color is green - that was a no-brainer gift!

Birthday walk in school

Handing out his cupcakes at school. Lily asked to join his class for his birthday walk, which I thought was incredibly sweet. It wasn't until cupcake time that I became highly suspect of her request. I'm not saying she didn't care about her brother or his birthday. I'm just saying the girl loves her some cupcakes.

We decided to have Jamie's party at my parents house due to some "minor" (har har) renovations at our house. There will be pictures of that in another post....hopefully sooner rather than later.

This picture epitomizes how Jamison and I interact. He goes 100% into something (blowing out his candle) and I'm giving a lame attempt to stop him (waving my hand - like that would do any good). I wanted him to wait until we at least had started singing "Happy Birthday."

And the minute I turn my back to grab a knife for the cake he just dives in to grab the decorations.

His many facial expressions while opening gifts:

Daddy's are always needed to quickly pry toys out of their boxes.

Or you can just take your own initiative to try to open them. At least they're his baby teeth and not permanent.

Finally able to play with his toys.

So I'm not even going to try to promise to update more frequently. I can't imagine that I'll have any more time or energy once Patrick is born to post but I'll do my best!