Monday, June 13, 2011


It always makes me nervous when the room the boys are in is suddenly silent. And then when I hear a stifled giggle - the nervousness turns into fear.

Even worse, I walk into the room where I heard the little giggle and I can't find either child.

Oh hey mom, we're just hanging out. You know how cool it is under the Excersaucer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bike Riding Success!

As soon as the weather turned warm, meaning over 40*, the kids were ready to ride their bikes again. We spent all last summer helping Lily try to ride without her training wheels. This year she didn't have much of a choice. All of the bikes that were her size didn't come with training wheels...or at least there weren't any in stock at Toys R Us when we went.

She desperately wanted this bike and since it didn't come with training wheels a deal was made. If she wanted this bike then she had to commit to learn to ride with two wheels. Within three days she and Brian worked hard enough that she was riding on her own.

Jamison's goal this summer is to stick to the side of the road. He gets distracted looking around and drives all over the place. Lily drives in the same circle over and over and never changes her path. Only once has he ran into Lily, which I consider a success. She freaked out because she didn't want to veer from her path and Jamison was just wavering all over the place. Such insight into their personalities.

And speaking of insight into personalities....