Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is This A Boy Thing?

I have no idea how Jamison does it. He can climb anything and while I expected this from a toddler, he is barely a toddler - only 13 months old.

When he was only 10 months old he wiggled out of his high chair and sat on the seat back. I turned from the sink as he was squealing in excitement. I grabbed him and held onto him while he tried to get away from me and do it again. I was shaking uncontrollably.
While that wasn't the last time he has given me an adrenaline rush out of fear, I no longer fear his immanent death.
These two were taken on my mother's watch. But there is no blame on my mother - my sister sat there and watched him do it and then proceeded to photograph his progress. Don't worry about my child's safety - no, no, go ahead and grab your camera.
The fact that he thinks standing up on this piano is going to work makes me worry about how much we are going to have to pay for his education. It also makes me think about investing in padding on our walls and floors.
Now if someone can explain how he did the following feat, I will be forever grateful. The pressure gate is intact and blocking the stairs. He was downstairs with me and Lily when Brian had to run upstairs. I see Jamison shuffle down the hall after him but I don't worry about the stairs since the gate is up.

Next thing I know I hear Brian ask me where Jamison is. I run to the stairs and there he is at the top next to Brian. BUT THE GATE HAS NOT MOVED AND IS STILL BLOCKING THE STAIRS. Somehow he climbed over the gate and went up the stairs.

Now this is where I'm almost as bad as my sister except that Brian is there next to Jamie. The poor child is not dangling dangerously from a step.

And this is where I am as bad as my sister. Again, he was in the kitchen with me. I watch him toddle off and next thing I hear is the cat gate rattle. Since Jamie likes to play with the door I don't think anything of it until I hear that now familiar squeal of delight that only comes when he is doing something dangerous. I look over and there he is going down the stairs feet first (at least he's following our directions) but through the cat door and heading towards the cement floor of the basement!
What you didn't see is right before I took this shot the kid actually looked up at me and smiled. He knew exactly what he was doing and especially that I would not like it.

I already have acknowledged that there is nothing I can do to prevent him from doing things like this for the next 50+ years (how old is my father? and what crazy things does he still do but now has my husband as an accomplice?). I only wish that I could coat the world in cotton balls to protect him.


Matt and Rachel said...

Hey guys! Mammy sent me the link to your blog & I'm SO excited you started one so we can see what y'all are up to! And, let me say that boys are CLIMBERS! Harrison climbs on everything & has also found a way to get over/under/around the baby gate on the stairs. :)

Rachel said...

Ahhhh---the joys of boys! I wouldn't trade mine for anything but already in his short little life he has been to the ER more than I in my whole life!!! He will definitely have many "Man Scars" by the time he is grown! Enjoy these fun/scary times!

BTW--No we do not harvest in the dark!! It just happened that I took the photos at dusk!