Friday, August 8, 2008

No Other Place We'd Rather Be

As my sister posted about in her blog we spent a week teaching Bible classes at Camp Hunt.

We both love Camp Hunt and want our children to love Camp so we decided to pack up all four kids and spend a week back at the place we love.

When people asked us if we were having a good time Kristen said the exact phrase that expresses our week: "No, we are not having fun. 95% of our day is child management and the other 5% is teaching a Bible class....but there is no other place we'd rather be than at Camp right now."

Kristen had a few bad nights with the girls, I had one bad night with Jamison - a first since he was an infant. If you are not familiar with CH, you may not understand the difficulties of managing babies at this place. The kitchen, baths, and sleeping quarters are all in separate buildings. There was a lot of baby equipment moved around, a lot of carrying kids up and down hills, no air conditioning, etc...But even with all the challenges and lack of sleep - there was no other place we'd rather be!

The entrance to CH.
Looking up the hill from the soccer fields - building on left is Victory Center (a rec and arts n crafts building that I think looks like Noah's Ark and therefore should be called "The Ark", but no one has backed me up on that one) and the Mess Hall.
View from teaching shelters looking at The Ark and the frame of the soon-to-be-completed Dorothy Page Nursing Building.

This is my Bible class. I had 15 girls who mostly paid attention to what I was saying. Can't ask for more.

This is what Lily and Emma did for the majority of the time they were at camp - watched princess DVD's. The other half of the time they were making soup out of pine needles, leaves, grass, the kiddie pool.

There were some adventures that happened. The most memorable is that Jamison bit Maddie's shoulder. He only bites those he loves though, so it was a good thing - even though Maddie's expression says otherwise.

On Wednesday my mother came to visit. She decided that Lily needed to learn how to roll down the hill. This was something I did quite frequently as a younger camper. Although I vaguely recall doing it when I was older, but I would need Rachel Phillips to confirm this...and since I don't think she reads this blog we will never know.
So here is mom teaching Lily how to roll down the hill.
Mom in action

Lily caught on very quickly

Altogether now (pool in background)

I don't know if you can click on this picture and make it larger but it's a shot of my mother asking why she felt so dizzy. She was very confused HOW ROLLING DOWN A HUGE HILL COULD MAKE HER DIZZY. But then I started thinking, maybe this happens to her a lot and she just thought it was one of those moments. (Lily is still rolling)

Jamison sees what's going on and wants in on the action (campers playing soccer in background)

Mom and her two oldest grandchildren all rolling down the hill.

Lily is on a mission. I don't even remember what she had to say to me but it's a funny shot.

Jamison loves cell phones. We have given him some old ones and some Fisher Price ones but he could care less about them. He wants a phone that beeps and that dials random numbers long distance. My Uncle Loren had an old blackberry that still had a battery (but no service, obviously) and it was given to Jamie. It's one of his favorite toys at my parents house. Here he is excited that he got his hands on Grrrmam's phone.

Thursday morning during the teacher's meeting in the Lounge. All of our kiddie things were crowded into this lounge. It was not exactly organized and when my mother came up we asked her to bring a vacuum.
I'll finish her with just some random pictures I took of Jamison. He is such a photogenic kid and the lighting was working very nice on his still mostly bald head.
He loves to bend down like this and laugh at us. As if we're the ones that are sticking our rears in the air for everyone to swat at.


Rachel said...

Glad you enjoyed the place you would love to be the most and that your girls mostly payed attention! Cute pictures of the kids and I do love your mom's face!

Kristen said...

No place I would rather be....

Reagan said...

love it!! wish i could visit.

Chase said...

I just want it to be known that Sarah and I were yelled at for rolling down that hill...

Kristen said...

Did you notice that Ruthie and are making the same face in this photo?