Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Past 5 Days

We wrapped up our VBS on Saturday and I wanted to share some pictures with you all but I've misplaced the CD of pictures. So here are some random pictures that I've taken in the past five days.

This is Uncle Jonathan giving Jamison a Dorito (sp?) at the VBS picnic on Saturday (hence the matching t-shirts). I hope this is Jamison's first Dorito but since he's with my mother for a number of hours during the work week it's probably not.

There was no hesitation on Jamison's part on tasting the Dorito.

This was the look he gave me when he realized that I was watching. I don't exactly approve of him begging others for food...
This would also be the last time I put him in this outfit. It was a little too short on him and it looked incredibly uncomfortable whenever he bent down to pick something up. (most likely some mystery object that he then put into his mouth despite my objections). Yesterday in the car he found a princess pencil (i know, I can't get enough of those princesses. Who doesn't love a FABULOUS princess pencil?) and before I knew it he had chewed off the eraser. I hope that he spit it out but experience has taught me that is probably not the case.

This picture was taken 4 hours later. Both were miserable after their naps. There was no reason for the emotional breakdowns so I just started taking their pictures out of complete desperation for peace. As soon as they realized what I was doing the crying stopped. They obviously didn't want this kind of behavior recorded for all to see but I deserve to release these pictures since their crying practically melted my brain.

Due to Tulip and Gatsby, we are continually using the roller to get pet hair off of our clothes. This past Sunday Lily helped Brian get the pet hair off his pants.

We have a crab apple tree in our side yard that has done nothing but produce leaves for 5 years. Last year we had all our trees trimmed and BAM - this spring there were blossoms and now there is fruit (inedible and weapons for squirrels). I love the muted deep purple of the crab apples and the coordinating green of the leaves. God has such a good eye for color.

Here's a picture of the whole tree with my hired help taking an unauthorized break from mowing the lawn. He's been begging for a riding lawnmower but explain to me why a riding lawnmower is necessary when it's only needed once a week for six months out of the year? That's just not practical. Plus, it's healthy exercise. So get to it!

Since Lily has walked she has loved climbing up into our bay window and playing. The neighbors loved it too and would stop us during our walks to ask if that was the little girl that was always wacking her hands against the window. I can only imagine what it looked like from the street. Something like a poor girl banging wildly on the window trying to attract attention so someone would come rescue her.
As she has gotten older she has turned it into a stage and has performed "Big Shows" for us. They usually make no sense whatsoever, always contain an unintelligible song, and definitely don't sound well rehearsed.
Now Jamison has taken after big sister and he's performing. His performance includes yelling and bouncing. Invigorating. That's the only adjective that is appropriate.

As soon as I get my hands on the VBS pictures I'll be posting those. Stay tuned.


Cary/Ashley said...

Enjoyed the pictures!! Give me a call when you get to Nashville.:)

Rachel said...

Comeon' mom! You should let him have doritos and beg more often. You know Uncle Jonathon really doesn't mind! ;-)

Those are great pictures and I am so thankful God has the great eyes he does!