Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hiking, Hunting, and Fishing in Vacationland

For about twenty years I have not been able to figure out why Maine is called Vacationland. Who (besides the Bush's) vacations in Maine? What in the world is there in Maine? Well, now I know.

Brian and I recently spent 19 1/2 hours in Freeport, ME. Now I can kinda see why Maine is Vacationland but it's a different kind of vacation then what I would normally consider a vacation. This is vacationland for those who like the outdoors. Things like hiking. Or kayaking. Or hunting moose. Things that are not vacation-y to me at all.

This also explains why L.L.Bean does so well in Maine. They actually have a campus of retail stores in Maine. We're talking TONS of square footage. From what we saw there is a Hunting & Fishing store, a Flagship store (mainly clothes, coats, and of course, boots), a Bike, Boat, & ski store and then an Outlet store. This is the outdoorsman/woman mecca.

Look at the huge L.L.Bean boot outside of it's flagship store! How can you NOT take a picture in front of that thing??!?!

But then I got a little nervous when we walked into the hunting store and this was on the door:

YIKES. What is the need for a firearm in Freeport unless you're holding up an outlet store? Maybe bringing it in for repairs? So maybe Maine is like the South??

This is the stuffed moose that was mounted above our table at lunch. It's weird to eat a meal with a dead moose hanging over you. It felt a little unsanitary.

All joking aside, we loved Maine and especially Freeport. We would love to go back again but with our schedules it probably won't happen for another 15 years. Here's to our Maine Trip 2023!


Kristen said...

I think they sell that sign in numerous places here in TN....

Rachel said...

I went to Maine in the summer of 1996 and loved it! It is beautiful and I am so glad you had a good time!