Friday, September 5, 2008

Note to Self

Dad flew me and mom down to Nashville this past Monday afternoon so that we could all be together for Maddie's surgery.

Mom is under the impression that the backseats of the plane have more legroom than the co-pilot seat so I was given the role of co-pilot and mom cozied herself in the back.

Now, the only reason the backseat could possibly have more legroom is if the co-pilot has the seat scooted up to the very front of the plane. I don't exactly like that position because I don't like to fog up the instruments when I breathe. I prefer that my father be able to read what direction we're going in, what altitude we need to be at, and how much fuel is left in the plane. Little things like that.

After we stopped in Parkersburg,WV for a bathroom break and we were back in the air, I scooted my seat back to a more appropriate distance from the instrument panel. Mom immediately knee-ed the back of my seat and told me to move up. Instead of grabbing the door handle to pull my seat up I instead grabbed the "steering wheel" of the plane and pulled up. I think you can guess what the plane did. After my father corrected my slight deviation of our flight plan my mother got her legroom. And really, isn't that all that matters?

So this is just a reminder to myself that next time I need to scoot the co-pilot seat forward, there is no need to propel the plane into outer space.

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Rachel said...

LOL!!!! What an adventure you always have for us! Glad you are safe.

PS. Misty and I were talking last night and you need to take a vacation and come visit us!!! Love you!