Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another 80th

Earlier this month we packed up and headed down to Texas. The trip was two-fold. Kristen and I went to market in Dallas for Well Versed Gifts and Brian's grandfather was celebrating his 80th birthday in Troup, TX.

I gave the camera to Brian since Pa's birthday was way more important than market. That being said going to market was really neat! Kris and I had a small exhibit to sell our (yes, Kristen, I know you own the company but I'm using the plural) note cards wholesale to retailers. if you want to look at the website it's Our cards do really well in small speciality gift shops and those were the retailers we were targeting.

If you've been to Dallas you've probably driven by the big black cube that is the Dallas Market Center (used to be called the Dallas World Trade Center). I've driven past it a million times yet the only thing that could place it on a map for me is when someone said - "It's across from Medieval Times." And then it clicked. I knew exactly where it was. Why? Because that's the way my wacky mind works.

There are no windows in the Market Center but the interior is shaped like a square donut - there is a huge atrium which allowed us to see daylight for the 9 hours each day that we were on the floor. This is the best interior shot I could find off the internet. It doesn't do it justice since there about 17 floors.

We had a great, if not exhausting time the four days that we were there. We made future plans about Well Versed Gifts, got to talk to so many retailers who loved our product, and made some money! (which we haven't seen yet because we're still getting the company up and running.)

Just a comment about the people we saw at the show. I mentioned it on facebook but it bears repeating here - what is up with all the animal prints in this region of the US? It's not just Texans - there were other states represented and a lot of them were enraptured with leopard, zebra, and cheetah prints. And they weren't afraid to mix and match them. I'm all for a highlight item with a print on it - but this was full body and accessory coverage.

So while I did get to go to market I missed Pa's 80th birthday. Brian did a great job with the camera so I could catch up on everything.

I love this shot he took of Pa and Jamison.

We gave Pa a book of penny's for each year of his life. We did the same thing for Grandpa when he turned 80. It's always interesting to see how many of the pennies are still in circulation. I started to think of all the people who held those pennies and the history that the pennies have seen. And then I started thinking about all the germs and had to wash my hands for five minutes.

Brian's parents gave Pa a walking stick and an invisible dog to walk. Low maintenance dogs are the best!
Karan made Pa a cinnamon bunt cake that I heard was delicious yet no one saved a piece for me. It's probably better that way since I haven't been in the mood for sweets. Now, if she had made Pa some chicken quesadillas that would be a different story.

It was a busy Texas trip but we're glad we went. Since baby number three is on the way it's hard to plan when we'll be going back, at least for this year.

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