Monday, January 25, 2010


Well hello there. It's been a while. There isn't really a good excuse for my lack of posting except that we went to Texas for a week earlier in the month and it took a week to prepare and a week to recover.

But here's the big news - I'm Pregnant! Although most of you probably knew. So it's only somewhat big news.

Here is my 13 week ultrasound. The baby has its' hand up to its' face, that's not the nose. We also got to see the baby spread its' fingers. We'll find out if it's a boy or girl in March, hopefully the first week.

My due date is July 19 but I am going to mentally prepare myself for August 1 so that I can convince myself I wasn't really pregnant for 40 weeks and that I was early.

Lily is excited about the new baby and if it's a girl would like bunk beds. Yeah, I'll get right on that. If it's a boy I'm sure she'll just get more bossy. At least I'll have help keeping the boys in line.

Jamison asked if the baby was him. We told him he already was a baby in my tummy and this is a different baby. He is still highly suspicious about our explanation.

I am planning on writing a longer post later about baby names. Specifically boy baby names. We're stumped. And the list of possible names is long and varied. I might even have a contest for best name suggestion. Yes, we are that desperate.


GradStudent said...

Jamison knows exactly what's going on. He knows he's about to be replaced with something cuter and smaller... he's just feigning confusion to mask his scheming.

Oh, and congratulations!

And since you asked, my current favorite boy name is Phineas (pronounced fin-eeh-us). It's Hebrew and the meaning is... interesting.

GradStudent said...

and that above comment is from Lisi :)

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

well lisi you're already ahead of the game. Phineas (or Finnegan) is one of our top picks! We're just not sure how Finn Whitt would sound since the name would be shortened. Since Whitt is (1) syllable we need (2) syllables for the first name.

Cary/Ashley said...

So happy for you all! Our due date is August 19...just a month behind you!! As I type, I am eating saltines!
BTW, my nephew was almost named Finn! They couldn't decide between Charlie or Finn.

GradStudent said...

Phinn or Finn Whitt, first thing that comes to mind is dim whit, which would probably cause some permanent emotional scars during elementary and middle school.
Maybe you could just not shorten the name? Phineas is three syllables, what about Finley?

If I ever have kids I have no idea what I'll name them... that's a lot of responsibility, to permanently brand a human being!