Friday, February 26, 2010


We had the opportunity to experience the "family bed" last night from 2:54am-3:47am. I decided that our family bed needed to be upgraded from a queen to a king. Or a triple king, if they make those.

Our power mysteriously went out at 2:54am and at 2:54:13 the screams of terror started. Our kids not only have nightlights but also white noise machines (fans). Whenever we travel we always make sure to bring the nightlights and mini fans. We would never attempt to have our kids sleep without them. When both of those go off (or are forgotten on a trip by a scatterbrained mother) it's not a good thing.

Hearing the calls for help, I fell out of bed and for some, inexplicable reason, spent a good 6 seconds trying to find my glasses all the while hearing Jamison banging into everything in his room. I don't know what good my glasses would have done since it was pitch black. But I had them on in any case!

Lily was somehow able to actually make it out of her room (this is amazing since her room is a mess and there is JUNK all over the floor. I plan on taking a shop-vac into her room today and fixing her clutter issue) but Jamison was scared out of his mind and it took a good 10 minutes for him to stop shaking.

Brian took the initiative to light some candles since all our flashlights are broken. How do three flashlights get broken? You let two children play with them in the basement for hours - then, and only then, are they ok with playing in the dark. In the middle of the night? Not so much.

Brian and I bookended the kids in bed and prepared to be uncomfortable until 6am. In addition to the four humans there was also my "speed bump" as Brian calls it. When I am pregnant I sleep with a huge body pillow to eleviate pain in my back. Even with the crowded bed I wasn't going to give up that pillow.

The only sound we could hear was Jamison sucking his thumb. The minimal light we had (besides the candles) was the moonlight reflecting off the snow. It should have been peaceful and snuggly and the epitome of the family moment. I hope it was for the kids.

Brian and I were so incredibly relieved when the power came back on less than an hour later. Could National Grid actually have pulled through? For what our electric bill is every month they better! If anyone is ever planning on moving to NY (I always wonder how people do make it up here) research utility bills (ACK - and taxes!) before making any commitment. They're not pretty.

We turned off our alarm and wondered how late the kids would sleep in this morning. It is the most luxurious thing in the world when kids sleep in. And yet, THEY DIDN'T. Lily was up at 6:40 to inform me that her clock was blinking 12 and so she didn't know if it was 7:00 yet - could she get out of bed and tell Jamison to stop kicking the wall? And yes, Jamison was wide awake kicking the wall and singing a song about a donut and a nickel with a hole in it. Fantastic.

Brian and I decided that this is excellent preparation for nursing the upcoming baby in the middle of the night. I, for one, do not believe such early preparation is necessary.


Cary/Ashley said...

How many times did you and Brian get kicked in the ribs??:)

Christine said...

We've got the same thing happening with fans/nightlights over here. If only I'd known you were awake and doing the same thing that I was with the girls last night!...amazing how the tiniest noise is amplified at 3AM.