Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been getting random headaches almost every day with this pregnancy. The headaches encompass a small pinpoint in my head but they are so strong that all I want to do is close my eyes and sit very still.

So last week I laid down when a headache hit and asked Lily to get herself dressed. Jamison still needs a little help getting dressed so I didn't say anything to him.

After 20 minutes and one Tylenol I was feeling a bit better so I got up and headed down stairs only to see that Jamison got himself dressed! And I must say he has an exceptional taste in style.

He had on two shirts. The first was orange and inside out. The second was on properly (Lily says she didn't help him so I was very surprised by this) and then he had on a puffy vest that coincidentally (? maybe not?) matched with the orange and the blue.

The random article of clothing was a size 4 (he's a solid size 2) pair of shorts that he found in a drawer. They barely stayed up but he was determined to wear them.

And, of course, he didn't put any socks on. He is incredibly anti-socks...even in the dead of winter. I warn him that his toes will turn black and fall off and he just pretends he doesn't hear me.

Since his bedtime is 7:30 he completely missed the American Idol cultural phenomenon of Pants On the Ground. But I still called him Mr. Pants On the Ground. And then I had two kids asking me over and over what I meant. Never mind. Just pretend I didn't say it.

This clothing miracle happened on the day after we received 16 inches of snow and while it would have been a great day to stay inside I was scheduled to drop the kids off at the mall with my mom and then head to work. There is no way that boy could go outside with these shorts on. I said it was too cold. He didn't care. I said that people don't wear shorts in winter. Apathy. I said that the snow would make his legs turn black and fall off. My toes too mama? Remnants of the headache were still there and he wasn't making this any easier.
I had to break his heart and tell him that Grrrmam wouldn't let him go into the mall wearing those shorts. Within minutes I had him in a pair of pants and we were on our way. The boy loves the mall.

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Cary/Ashley said...

hope your headaches get better!
Love Jamison's style!:)