Monday, April 5, 2010

Predictable Easter Pictures

We had a very quiet Easter weekend. Not only was it peaceful the weather was beautiful - very atypical. Nothing especially interesting happened but I did take a few pictures.

Thursday we arrived home to find a package on our front step. As soon as I saw that it was from Nana and Papa I was going to try to wait until Sunday morning for the kids to open it. Lily recognized her name on the box and I lost the battle at that point. She knew it was full of goodies and once she spread the word to Jamie it was two against one.

Jamie loved the spider man Easter egg.

Ignore the fact that Lily has no pants on. Now that the temperature is over 32* my kids do not wear clothes.

On the phone with Nana.

This is a stuffed plane that sings "Here Comes Peter Cotton-tail" and has a plastic propeller that whirls on the front. Jamison thought it was fun to stick his fingers in the propeller and more than once he got the tip of his nose to close. No blood, though, so that was a positive.
On Saturday morning we went to an Easter egg hunt at the golf course. For the first time in three years it was nice enough to have the hunt outside. It wasn't worth the wait. Most of the eggs were just on the tennis court in plain sight. Good for Jamison, not challenging enough for Lily.
One of his best picture smiles ever.

This is the one and only Easter picture I got of the kids. Yes, I had my camera with me all weekend. Yes, the kids were dressed up twice. And no, I never got an official picture. So the best Easter 2010 picture I got is one where Lily has chocolate smeared all over her mouth and Jamison's teeth are stuck together with a Starburst.

I did get a great shot of Lily and her friend Grace. Does that count for anything?

Jamison is not a dessert guy. Give him chips, crackers, basically any carb that is salty and he's a happy man. The only reason he likes sweets is to use them to make a mess. Case in point: the cupcake. Never took a bite, only licked it and smeared the frosting all over.

My favorite part about Easter morning was Jamison's hair.

Trying to figure out how to open the Peep's just so he can reject them.

Note to self about Easter candy for 2011 - go to Target the week before Easter, not two days before. Probably a better selection since the shelves were completely empty. I guess my Target is trying to keeps it's stock really low. Can't disagree with less overhead.
Jamsion got a new Bible since his old one was destroyed. Awww, you think, destroyed by using it so much. Please. Do you know my son? It was destroyed by him dropping it, throwing it, stepping on it, and basically anything BUT reading it. We bought a Bob the Tomato carrying case to (hopefully) protect this Bible.

Lily is under the impression that Easter=Marshmallows. No idea where she got this from but when I couldn't find Peep's or any form of marshmallow at Target I started stressing. Luckily I found a random box of Peep's forgotten on a lonely shelf in the holiday aisle. It probably had an expiration date of 1997 but can Peep's ever go bad? There are probably more chemicals than actually food in them.

Easter egg hunt around the house. Jamison was happy with one egg while Lily was on a quest to dominate the hunt.

And that was it. If I had taken a picture of them all dressed up and ready for church it would go here. I'll get one in 2011.


coolhandandrew said...

Peeps are the grossest ever! Yuck mouth sticker for the Peeps!

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

I agree. I'm not a fan of marshmellows anyway. talk to the husband. she must have inherited that from some crazy recessive gene.