Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm hesitant to declare that spring has arrived. Not only do I not want to jinx it but it's not uncommon to have a snow in April. But don't tell my flowers that, they may try to re-bury themselves.

Each morning we stop by the crocus to see how they're doing.

And the daffodils came into full bloom Easter morning. The kids were just as excited about the daffodils as they were about the candy.

Saturday afternoon was in the 70's so that means my kids dress as if it was July in Arizona. Brian created a new swinging game with them that must have been invented out of boredom. He pushes them and then tosses pine cones into their laps. Jamison laughed so hard while Lily had rules for Brian to abide by. "Daddy, back up a little bit when you do that." "Daddy, you made it fall on the ground." and so on.

And then she broke out in song. An original arrangement, at that. I give her credit for her confidence but I dread the day that she meets a Simon Cowell-esque person who tells her the truth.
Love the dirty knees - proof that he had fun!

Jamison was filthy by the end of the afternoon. Not a bit of him was clean. And since that meant that he played hard and spent time outside, I was ok with that.

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Cary/Ashley said...

love the dirty feet pic and Lily belting out an orginal song! FUn memories! The day AFTER playing in the dirt NOah sneezed and dirt came flying out! It's truly amazing where dirt can end up on a boy!!:)