Monday, November 15, 2010

Patrick's First Flight

Our family tends to travel a lot. Unfortunately, it's usually to no place exotic but instead it's flying to visit family. November 2 was Election Day and my mom's older brother (or MUCH older brother as she likes to clarify) was running for New York State Assembly. This was a first in our family so mom, dad, me, and Patrick decided to fly up to Watertown for election night.

Lily looked like this for her first flight:

She was 7 weeks old and we were flying to Texas for a sales presentation that I had in Dallas. I dropped her off in Temple to stay with Brian's parents while I went to work.

I don't have a picture of Jamison's first flight. It was an early morning flight so I was focused on staying awake and getting through security quickly and efficiently. No need to worry, though, it obviously hasn't turned him against airplanes.

Patrick was the youngest of my parents grandchildren to fly in my dad's plane. We had to bundle up because there isn't much heat in the second row of the plane where Patrick and I were sitting. I had a sleeping bag around my feet for the flight.

The plane isn't pressurized so it's very loud. All of us wear a headset to talk to each other and block out the noise. Patrick's headset was a little large on him. I wasn't very worried if it slipped off, though, don't you think my womb was probably pretty loud? Maybe it would bring back warm in utero memories.

My mom had some problems trying to work my camera so I had to take our picture. (that's my excuse for my appearance, at least).

Mom and Dad. Obviously it's a small plane.

And now, it's time for some New York State geography. Grab your paper and pencils.
The Mohawk River flowing into the Hudson River.

Sacandaga Lake from above....

Sacandaga Lake from below....
(where we vacation every summer)

Patrick wondering what is this thing on my ears?

Barren upstate wilderness. We worry about the people that willingly live up here. There is NO Target within a reasonable driving distance. The Adirondacks are in the distant background.

These wind turbines freak me out. They look alien-like and I don't trust them.

Flying into the Watertown airport (it's really just a landing strip, let's be honest) Lake Ontario is to the west and Canada just beyond.

On the flight home Patrick took it easy and napped.

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