Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Like many mothers, I frequently ask my children, particularly my three year old: "what were you thinking?!?!" And he normally replies: "I love you, mom." That is never a good response.

Jamison hoards items in his bed. When I go to change the sheets enough toys, stuffed animals, and miscellaneous paraphernalia to fill a dumpster come flying out.

This weekend, his nerf ball came bouncing out when I changed his sheets. It looked like a methodical destruction, not the usual carelessness, so I was concerned.

And then I found the pieces under his bed. At least he attempted to clean up. I focus on the baby steps.

So I had to ask him.
Me: Jamison, why did you bite off half of you ball?
Jamie: I only wanted a blue ball.
Me: So you bit off all the orange?
Jamie: Yes, but it's still not blue. I'll go get a marker.
Me: NO. I have to throw it away. It's not even a ball anymore. It's just a lump of foam.
Jamie: It's a phone?
Me: No - I said foaM. With a M.
Jamie: I need a phone....
and he wanders away.
And not five minutes later I find a secret message of some sort from Lily. Apparently the English language does not have adequate vocabulary for her so she decided to use hieroglyphics of some sort. She later read it me but it still didn't make sense.

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