Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Post!

I have no excuses so I'll just leave it at that for the reason I haven't posted in two months. Back in February (I know, I know, it was a long time ago) we had winter break and needed something to do with the kids. Mom and I decided to drive to Rochester to see some family and spend time in a hotel with a pool. Before this trip, the kids have always been exited about the idea of a pool but once in it for five minutes, were essentially done. For some reason, they decided during this trip to love the pool - and I was ok with it since we had plenty of time on our hands! Jamison's mode of entry: sliding down the rail. And Lily figured out how to swim with her face underwater (she's behind Jamison in all pink). He was a little hyper during the trip (at Uncle Loren and Aunt Linda's house).
Since all schools were out this week we knew we were asking for trouble, but we had no choice but to go to the Strong Museum of Play. It is such a fun museum and the older kids are the perfect age. We arrived at 2pm, hoping to miss most of the crowd and knowing that my kids couldn't spend more than 3 hours there anyway.

Here they are shopping at the kid-sized Wegmans.
Jamison has been HUGE into action heroes from Marvel comics lately. I've had to really search for age-appropriate shows that have these characters in them since they aren't exactly made for three year olds. The museum has a nice size area devoted to Marvel comics.

He studied this display for 5 minutes. I took a nap during that time since he never spends that much time on one thing. Must take advantage of opportunities when they come up!
"That is so cool, mom!!" He's a fan of spider man.
Of course, since it is a museum, there are lots of learning activities in each area. This activity was to balance on a black line that appeared to go across two buildings. Jamison was not as impressed by the challenge as with the detail work of the city below. During this shot, Lily was lecturing him about his behavior since he was preventing her from finishing the task.
And then she just gave in and did what he was doing.
My attempt to get them both to sit in Big Bird's nest. Lily pretended to sleep and Jamison wouldn't even sit. (But I got him in it! HA HA for little victories).

I wanted a picture of all three of them but it just didn't work out.
Patrick is apathetic and the older ones are focused on their milkshake.
So this is where Lily cracked me up. Her personality really showed through with the following progression. There is a stage in the museum that has a bunch of different features. Naturally, there is the stage and the dress up area. But there is also a sound board, a lighting board, and a movie camera. While many children can dress up and perform, only one at a time can man the sounds, lights, and camera. Lily's goal: conquer each of these areas.

Step One: Look nonchalant.
Step Two: Show interest AND (this is key) boss the kid around until he runs away.
Step Three: Swoop in for the seat!
Step Four: Expertly keep a trained eye on the next goal (camera) until the seat is vacant, then swiftly move in.
Step Five: Proceed to last goal - Music! Success! (Please pay attention to my mother in the background talking to a random person. She is obviously incredulous about something)
Step Six: Re-Write the title of the play - The Dress Up Play.
Step Seven: Sit in the dress up area and critique everyone's choices. I'm so proud of her strategy to utilize every area except for getting on stage.

While Lily was slowing mastering all activities for the play, Patrick was content chewing my mother's purse. I am sure he was watching and learning from his big sister, though.
Jamison found an area that completely appealed to him. Loading and unloading construction vehicles.

On our way out we found a video game area that had a Zelda character on it. A few nights a week they play Zelda with Brian - they were so excited when they saw this! They had me take a picture and email it to him right away.

So now you're caught up on our life through February! I will try to post more often!

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