Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Post! This Could Be A Trend!

Here are just some random pictures of the past few weeks:

My birthday cake. Brian took me out to dinner while Miss Sarah watched the kids. They decided to decorate a cake for me but we were out of frosting. Of course, we have plenty of decorative icing. Lily ALLOWED Jamison to have the lower left hand portion. Please notice the portrait she drew of me in the upper right hand corner.

Last week we had a trade show in Nashville. Since my sister lives there we took the whole family down. During the trade show (Sunday-Tuesday) Kristen and my mom watched all five kids.

Here are me and Brian working. I'm sitting down because I got DEATHLY ill the second night of the trade show and the next day I had to take it very easy in order to survive. It was not pretty. On a positive note, I lost 2 lbs!!

And if you couldn't tell, our booth had a golf theme. We showed Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore while potential customers played a putting game. The winner won...a putter. So exciting.

The day after the trade show Kristen and Brian took the kids to the zoo. I had to stay at home with Patrick or else my body would have zero capacity to travel the next day. The plague that attacked me was not in a playing mood and if I dared to push myself it would have pushed right back. Both Brian and Lily took pictures of the zoo trip.

This is Jamison's "cool guy" pose. We have no idea where he got this. Maybe The Electric Company? PBS is such an evil influence.

Lily took pictures of the zoo for a book she decided to make. The next week was "Z" week in her class so her teacher suggested Lily make a zoo book to bring in for Z week. Lily thought this was the best idea in the world and set out to make a zoo book that would be unsurpassed. She was slightly OCD about it.

Brian took a picture of his subject in her natural habitat.

Lily took the following pictures to document who went to the zoo. Why? Not sure.

Auntie Kristen. If Auntie Kristen is smiling at Day 6 of five kids then she truly is amazing. Or she is thinking "I want my life back with a Cherry Limeade and cheese fries from Sonic!".

My handsome husband.

Miss Ruthie with her new glasses.

Maddie Moo.


Lily obviously wanted to get a picture of the elephant but was reluctant to let go of the chocolate chip cookie.

When I saw this picture on her camera, I asked her - "Why did you take a picture of the sign?" She said it was because she couldn't get a picture of the bird. She then tried to convince me that this bird was called a Banana Bird because it's beak looked like a banana.

Brian was able to capture a picture of the elusive "Banana Bird".

We had a fun week in Nashville despite my deathly illness, tornado warnings, electrical failures, and a few flight delays. It's always an adventure when all the cousins get together but we wouldn't have it any other way. Right, mom?

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