Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Patrick - 9 months

Patrick is 9 months old today! I unofficially weighed him on our scale this morning and he was 20lbs 3oz. His 9 month appointment is next Thursday so I will get the official weight and his length then.

Patrick is a very happy baby. He truly laughs more often than he cries. Both Lily and Jamison are pros at making him bust out laughing.

As you can see, he has some teeth. He has four on the bottom, four on the top, and some more must be trying to poke through this week because he is leaving a path of drool and snot everywhere he goes.

He has been active for a few months - rolling or scooting around on the floor. Often, if I left him on the floor to make a quick trip out of the room, I'd return to a game of "where is the baby?" Here he is hiding underneath the bed. Luckily I was able to follow his toys to find him.

One of his favorite places to roll was under his excersaucer. I think he liked playing with it from a different perspective.

And then earlier this month he started crawling. I loved the look he had of "finally! I figured it out!" Ever since then he has been moving all over. Lily and Jamison have been quizzed numerous times on what items Patrick could choke on and have somewhat learned to put those things away. It's tough for Jamison, though.

Another thing that's tough for Jamison isrealizing that Patrick can touch Jamie's toys. Patrick knows exactly what to grab in order to get a reaction from Jamie. I frequently have to remind Jamison that there is no "my toy" or "his toy" or "her toy" in our house. I own them all and I share them with all three of them. He's not a fan of that philosophy.

You might notice Patrick's amazing yoga abilities. This is downward dog. He also has great form doing the plank position. Or is that pilates? Either way, he's really good at it.

Yes, I know what you're up to. But go ahead, Jamie isn't home.

And if I am in the kitchen cooking, I keep forgetting that he can follow me. It's a little unnerving looking into the next room to check on him only to see he's sitting right behind me.

I can't believe there are only 3 months left of his first year. He still seems so much like a baby to me. Soon, Brian will have to lower the mattress on the crib. I walked in to get him this morning and he was kneeling in bed looking over the edge. The pride that he felt with that accomplishment overshadowed that twinge in my heart that told me he is getting big, quickly.


Anonymous said...

Is Patrick going to be a readhead? Because if so, I am totally jeal. I desperately want a redheaded child (or a "ginger", as South Park would say).

Throw some of those ginger genes this way! ;)


Anonymous said...

Obviously I meant "redhead" and not "readhead". Although I do think reading is a very important skill.