Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I bet you thought this post would be all about a chubby 9 month old baby. Since you expected it, I won't let you down:

He looks so innocent in the tub...(don't babies have great posture?!)

so happy and peaceful....

until he splashes. Then it gets serious and violent!

I used to bring a book into the bathroom during his baths but he kept drenching all the pages.

And here, doesn't he look sweet? Not doing anything dangerous or unsafe...

until he starts to crawl in the tub. There have been a number of baths when I have sat him up from the crawling position over 20 times...but he kept going back. A few times he would slip and his face would go under water before I scooped him out. I tried to explain that will happen when you attempt to crawl in a slippery tub, but he was not convinced.

But really, the Master of the Baths in our house is Jamison. The kids take 2-3 baths a day. Oddly, he still never comes out 100% clean.

He takes baths for entertainment purposes only. Since he stays in there for about 20 minutes at a time, I'm more than happy to pay my water bill and be eco-unfriendly.

And yes, he is wearing his swimming shirt in the tub with goggles. I don't care - 20 MINUTES OF FREE TIME PEOPLE!

The only restriction I have put on him for tub time is no food. He endlessly asks for me to bring him some scrambled eggs or cheese and crackers while he's in the tub. I put my foot down there.

Unfortunately, since we have three bathtubs, he tends to rotate and leave a mess in his wake. Again, I don't care, should I repeat that he stays in the tub for 20 MINUTES??!

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