Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saturdays from 10-11

Jamison was so excited to start soccer a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there is something about my children, possibly a chemical reaction, I don't know, that causes them to love the idea of soccer...but not so much the actual game. He gets so hyper when we drive by the soccer fields, but once he gets on the field his attitude down-shifts. Brian is assistant coaching Jamison's team like he did for Lily's.

I've grouped these pictures into different categories.

He does try to play the game a bit when he's on the field.


This is most of what he does during the game. There are a variety of reasons: he wants the ball more often, it's not fair that someone else got the goal, there are too many other kids on the field, his legs hurt, he's hungry, he's thirsty, etc...

This one wasn't so much pouting as it was funny that he just stood in the middle of the field scratching his stomach.


Our friends, the Lizzi's, also have a daughter that plays soccer. Her older sister and Lily are friends.

Patrick even tries to get involved.

I just love the glam sun glasses with the missing tooth.


I'm starting to think that Jamison sees soccer more as spending time with dad more than anything else. And we're ok with that....if he didn't also pout every other 5 minutes.

Jamie likes to head butt Brian's legs, and while usually it's saved for play time at home, he has no qualms doing it in the middle of a soccer game.

Or telling a secret. Although he could have been trying to give Brian a headlock, I'm not sure. I just take the pictures I don't usually know what's going on.

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