Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Easiest Pumpkin Decorating Ever

My mother-in-law, Karan, sent the kids a Halloween package this week. (thank you Karan!) It was full of Halloween toys, candy, and a pumpkin decorating kit. This was the super-clean way of decorating a pumpkin, though. You just pushed the pieces into the pumpkin and wham-o, you've got your self a Halloween pumpkin.

I had seen these kits before but part of me felt I was cheating my kids out of the jack o'lantern experience. But since Karan sent it, I felt no guilt. That and I was trying to grasp how we would carve a pumpkin with the man-child who would eat every part of the pumpkin as we tried to wield a sharp knife. I had nightmares of pumpkin goo strings hanging out of his mouth as he choked down a handful of pumpkin seeds.

We strapped Jamie into a high chair to begin the event. He can sit on the bar stools with no problem if someone is next to him to prevent him from free-falling to the floor. He does this for fun. He knows what happens if we are not there and he continues to attempt this feat. So he gets strapped into the high chair.

He was very excited...and he didn't even know why.

It took a lot of concentration.


Loving the pumpkin.

We ended up with a dog and a bear.
What in the world are you smiling at?

He's pointing at an airplane that he can only hear. He loves airplanes. She's smiling so hard her eyes can't stay open.

Final arrangement. Lily chose which pumpkin went on which stoop. It was an incredibly important decision and Jamison was not taking it seriously.

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