Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Since we couldn't coordinate a Whitt-Sullivan pumpkin patch photo op, we made do with just our children. The sun was setting and the light was really nice so I just kept snapping. I tried to edit. I really did. But I happen to love my children and frankly, pumpkins are incredibly photographic for being gourds. Add in crisp weather and a great fall smell in the air and I was unrestrained.

I love how the sun made these pictures almost-dream like. Yes, I probably could go into photoshop and clear them up, make the orange in his jacket stand out to match the orange in the pumpkin, etc...but I'm a believer in the un-touched-up photos. Call me a naturalist or a purist. I think the artsy pictures that people touch up in photoshop look beautiful - and I love them. But I just think un-touched pictures make those fantastic shots even more fantastic. That, and I don't know how to use photoshop. Maybe one day when I learn how to use the program I will abandon my purist beliefs.I'd like to have a caption that reads - so sweet, here is Jamison kissing the pumpkin. But I would be lying. He was trying to eat it. There are teeth marks to prove it.I would like to enlarge this picture to a 10x20 and wake up to it every morning, please.
and here she comes.....It only took her a few minutes to find a pumpkin that matched Jamison's. She proceeded to boss him into doing something with their pumpkins and he proceeded to ignore her. It's a great relationship.Her self-styled bangs are finally growing in. They just need a bit more time before I can even them out and then grow them back out again.Instead of pumpkin pie I'd like to make a Jamison and Lily pie. I could eat them up. Even with the stupid bangs.And our work at the Shaker Shed was done. Brian carried his princess into the sunset. Doesn't he look rugged?? I think he misses his times on the farm. He's such a good dad and husband and he doesn't look too bad either! Some days I've got to admit when I've got a good deal.


Kristen said...

Yes, he is carrying Lily off, but you have left Jamison unattended in a big trailer of pumpkins. I think the 4 year old could fend for herself a little better than your accident prone 18 month old.

Rachel said...

I love those pictures-esp the next to last one of the two precious kiddos you have! Glad you had fun!