Monday, October 27, 2008

In My Previous Life....

...I was a tour guide. I absolutely love to travel and it usually doesn't even matter where I go. Put me on a plane, train, or in a car and I'm pretty pleased.

This week we have some friends from DFW visiting and they wanted to go to New York City for a day. We were out of the house by 6am and had the car parked downtown (on street!! no meter!! I'm AMAZING!) a little after 9am. We proceeded to visit the WTC memorial, the Statue of Liberty, see a matinee of Phantom, eat an early dinner, and visit the Empire State Building. We were out of the city by 6:30pm and home by 9:30pm. It's a good thing they took pictures of they may not have remembered anything of that whirlwind tour.

There was a time that I took my camera into the city every single time I went. After about six of these trips I realized I was taking the same pictures every single time. Of course, I was only 13 so that's not a surprise. After I got into high school I stopped bringing my camera.

I will never forget that last time I didn't bring my camera. I was on a business dinner cruise around Manhattan. A few of us New York-Staters were laughing at the "tourists" in our group who were taking pictures. It was August 2001 and they were taking some of the last pictures of the World Trade Center Towers. And since then, my camera has always come with me.

But now I only take pictures of the oddities and random things - I have enough shots of the Statue of Liberty, thank you. The picture below is my favorite from Saturday.

Probably the lowest price. We can't guarantee it, but we're pretty sure we're the lowest price in the city. We're definitely the lowest price on this street.....well, except that place two blocks down. They are for sure cheaper than us. But we are definitely the cheapest on this block. Specifically this side of our block. Don't go around the block because those other guys are cheaper. And they stay open earlier and close later. Basically, we're the lowest priced shoe store that's facing Trinity Church - that much we can guarantee.


Rachel said...

Yes, Katie our tour guide! We could always count on you!!

That is totally a random picture and makes me laugh! I thought the same thing you wrote when I saw it! Probably...trying to get some business I would say. Thanks for the great post and I am glad you had a fun whirlwind of a day!!!

Cary/Ashley said...

Whew! Your day made me tired just reading it!!:)
Glad you had fun in NYC!!:)

Mindy Marie said...

ha! I have a similar hilarious picture from walking around the city...sigh...John and I were walking on the bridge, and someone had written in small letters on the ledge, "If you see something, kill someone!" I'll have to send you the picture....