Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Saturday night Kristen and I spent the night at my cousin Sharon's house in Little Rock. (Thank you Sharon, Uncle Nick, & Aunt Kathy!) Kristen was busy on the internet and I COULD NOT sleep. I thought happy thoughts, I did breathing techniques, I tensed and untensed all my muscles from my toes to my head but still - no sleep.

I needed a book. I always read before I sleep but the book I brought was getting on my nerves. So I meandered into Sharon's room to see if she had a book. And there it was. A little book that I now like to call THE BEST THING I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIME.

A few people have recommended this book to me but since it's a "young adult" book I kinda wrote them off. I will admit I actually look down on a lot of Young Adult books but I was so wrong about Twilight. I couldn't put this book down. I completely regret that I didn't discover Twilight when it came out in 2005. I finally fell asleep in the middle of reading it. (and then woke up again to talk to Kristen and Sharon in the middle of the night but I'm rambling...)

I was planning on purchasing the book the next morning in the Little Rock airport but I'll post about that experience later. All that matters is that I was able to purchase this little nugget of gold in Charlotte.

Yesterday I then went to Barnes & Noble (where everyone should shop..please...my mortgage depends on it) and purchased the box set of the Twilight series. YOU SHOULD ALSO GO DO THIS. If you haven't read these books yet get ye to a Barnes & Noble and purchase at least the first in the series.

I dedicate this post to Sharon. If it weren't for her wisdom in choosing books and my inability to sleep I would never have discovered this literary treasure.


Anonymous said...

Yay! *high fives* I'm happy to help in selecting literary pieces for your pleasure.

And, don't forget---the Twilight movie comes out in a couple of weeks. Too bad we live so far apart. I'd love to go with you. Woe.

It was great to see you both---we keep missing each other and meeting in the middle of the night. Next time, I promise a *real* visit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, have I told you about Outlander?

Seriously? The best book (series) ever.

We will talk. You will read it.

:-) Sharon (again)

Cary/Ashley said...

Just saw a movie trailer for it last night on T.V.