Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Blue!

When Brian and I bought our house six years ago we realized that there was a lot of updating that had to be done. While there were other contenders for first place, the room that expressed this the most was the upstairs bathroom. To put it in one word, it was BLUE. All blue. I don't even know the technical crayola name for the blue that it was. And I say "was" with such a smile.

Since the upstairs restroom is usually out of the public eye it was not the first room that we invested remodeling money into. But then we had a serious OSHA violation earlier this summer that pushed that bathroom remodel job to first priority. We went away for vacation for a week and when we returned there was a slight mold problem. I'm so embarrassed to write it but I gotta tell the truth so there it is.

Now I wish that I had taken some "before" shots but honestly, the bathroom was so ugly that I wouldn't do that to you. So here are some shots of the remodel in process. You will see a hint of the blue that permeated the room.

This is my favorite one. After the drywall was ripped down this note was found on the shower. For some reason the note went unread since there was blue EVERYWHERE in the bathroom.

Oh here it is. Can you see the blue? What am I saying? How can you not see it?!

If you can tear your burning retinas from the blue toilet, please take note of the blue wallpaper. It covered the room from floor to ceiling. No joke. What you can't see is the blue tile that not quite matched the rest of the blue, yet was just as nausiating.

Ahhhhh this is so much nicer! Since this is the kids bathroom we wanted to keep it simple. The tub is nice and low so even Jamison can step in without any help. The white wainscoting is so much easier to clean than paint. We chose a light grey paint for the upper part so that the room wasn't all white but also not a very dark color. We haven't bought any curtains yet but it will probably be a simple white roman shade.

Notice the huge bathmats. When I'm bathing the kids I need complete floor coverage. The same goes for the toilet/sink area. Yes, it covers the tile I'm in love with but this is a kids bathroom. So let's be realistic.

I also still need to get a taller step stool for the kids. Apparently the vanity we purchased is much taller than the one we had. Jamison uses the bottom drawer to step up and grab the toothpaste to suck it dry.
This faucet was the idea behind the bathroom. We didn't really have much of a scheme but we wanted it to look a little retro (Brian hates that word but what other word would work? I'll take suggestions in the comment area) but again, simple, so that when the kids destroyed it we wouldn't be heartbroken.

We think the tile matches the whole retro (Brian: insert your adjective here) idea. The grey matches the walls.

Currently, this is my favorite room in our house. It's crisp, clean, and most days does not have Strawberry Shortcake Straberry Passion toothpaste smeared all over the vanity.


BW said...

I am so impressed! It looks great. Do you and Brian want to come and rid my front bathroom of the green that is all over it???

Kristen said...

That is so funny that it is written "no blue". Oh the irony.

Mindy Marie said...

looks great!! i like the word is so much better than the way too overused word "vintage" (yuck!)...and i think crayola would call it robin's egg blue maybe??