Thursday, November 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart A.K.A It's Like an Episode from LOST

So Brian and I had the privilege of a road trip about 2 months ago. We are used to road trips. Our entire dating relationship was about road trips. Or at least a bunch of 1 hour road trips between Searcy and Little Rock, Arkansas. Then there were the numerous 24 hour trips from Searcy to Albany that involved much music and discussion.

So for our recent 5 hour road trip Brian created a play list. A most wondrous play list. It was all '80's prom songs. I was in karaoke heaven and Brian was the subject of a 4 hour concert.

And then came the discussion. One of my most favorite songs was coming on- Total Eclipse of the Heart. Oh how I love this song. In fact, we even have a history with this song. When we were on a vacation in France (on another road trip) this song came on.
Katie: this sounds awfully familiar....(i've always been bad at interpreting French lyrics)
Brian: it does. (starts humming) It's Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Brian: that's what i said. no need to yell.
I then proceed to videotape the car ride so I could have a recording of the French version. Four whole minutes of French highway and Si Demain (the French title of Total Eclipse). It's one of my most favorite memories. you can listen to it and see the video here: http://http//

Anyway, I've always had some wording problems with the song. Luckily, it's easy to make it sound like you know the word to the song when you're screaming them. Until Brian heard me in our most recent car trip.
Brian: ummm what did you just sing?
Katie: well. To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I can never figure out what she is singing at that part.
***no talking as we are intently listening to the music***
Brian: she's saying "We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks"
Brian: i know. that's why i said that.
Katie: For years. I'm talking decades I could never figure out what she was saying. Now you listen to the song, barely in its entirety, (in a language other than French) and you figure it out. It makes me feel inadequate. I'm very impressed.
Brian: you're welcome.
Katie: Doesn't this sound like it should be a Meatloaf ballad?
Brian: It does. It's the perfect song for him.

And then we created a Saturday Night Live skit based on the song and it was hysterical. But it probably won't be as funny if I write it here. If you want to call me I'll tell you. It sounds much funnier when I say it.

So that would have been the whole story. Yes, it would have been short. But I like the story and I wanted to share with the Internet. Then, I decided to do some research on the song before writing the post. HOLY COW. I have even a deeper connection with this song then I ever dreamed about. (full disclosure: all of this info is from wikipedia so take it for what you will.)

According to the Free Encyclopedia:
In 2003, Kareen Antonn approached Tyler to record a duet. Si demain... (Turn Around), a French language version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, was released on December 19, 2003 and incredibly went to No. 1 in France (for ten weeks).

This would make sense since we were in France in April 2004. But the release date would only be recognized by some of you. It was one year later, December 19, 2004 that Lily was born. (if you do the math there is even more meaning behind our April vacation and a December baby but I'll let you figure it out)
Then I read this:
Steinman had given the song, along with "Making Love (Out of Nothing At All)," to Meat Loaf for his Midnight at the Lost and Found album. However, Meat Loaf's record company refused to pay for Steinman and he wrote the songs himself. Steinman's songs were then given to Bonnie Tyler.
So I just found all of this out about an hour ago. I made Brian pause the tv so I could give him this incredibly

Ha!! I was right!! It was supposed to be a Meatloaf song!!

So I just found all of this out about an hour ago. I made Brian pause the tv so I could inform him of this amazing and astounding discovery.

Katie: "....can you believe it?! Can you see how connected I am with this song? Not even mentioning that it was inspired by Wuthering Heights which inspired my recently discovered love of New Moon (Twilight is released tonight at midnight!! If you were near me I said that in a very high and squeaky voice). Can you believe all these connections?!?!?
Brian: "it's so uncanny it's like an episode of Lost."
Brian: "i know. that's why i said that."


24crayons said...

That was hilarious. I LOVE that song btw, and turn it up and sing as LOUD as I possibly can every time it comes on the radio. Tell you what, if you and I ever exchange numbers, that will TOTALLY be your ring tone!

BW said...

Reagan does not have internet right now. They should have it in the next couple of days so maybe we can get her to post again. Or maybe she is boring now.