Sunday, December 7, 2008


Back in October we took some Texan friends to Cooperstown. It was a week past peak for the leaves but it was still beautiful.

This is a panoramic view of an area called Cherry Valley on the way to Cooperstown.

While we were taking these pictures a random chicken came walking out of the brush. Are there such thing as wild chickens? Because this one looked wild.

It also looked like she had some excess weight. I had never seen a chicken lay an egg before. It was captivating. I kinda felt like I was invading her privacy...but my curiosity got the best of me.

And here is Cooperstown. It's not very big and literally only has one street light.

It definitely has old-time-America charm.

And beautiful architecture that has been invaded by baseball. But luckily this 1930-era movie theater wasn't torn down for a Home Depot.

And we brought the kids. They behaved well despite the fact that the day had nothing to do with them. I just kept feeding them candy corn. Which probably explains why Lily looks like this:

The kids found some gourds around a tree and it kept them occupied for a good 10 minutes. Jamison did try to bite one as I was taking this picture. He always takes advantage of the times that I'm distracted.

After his close encounter with a gourd snack he opted to sit, read, and enjoy people-watching. This lasted for .3 seconds. Which was long enough for me to take the picture.
After we walked around Cooperstown we went to the Farmer's Museum where the kids chased the chickens around.

We had to stop Jamie from crawling under the building in his attempts to capture the chicken.

And then to make the day perfect Jamsion fell asleep the minute we got on the road and Lily was preoccupied by her 472nd viewing of a princess movie. I couldn't have asked for anything better!


Cary/Ashley said...

looks like you had a great day!
Oh yea....I got the cutest Christmas card in the mail this weekend.;) Cary's response to seeing the picture was, "Now, there's a blond family."

Cary/Ashley said...

Blonde too!;)

Reagan said...

i heard that chicken was thinking of sueing you for posting that picture.