Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pictures for the Family

If you are not family you probably won't care about these pictures. But feel free to scroll down anyway!

We just shut down the computer after tracking Santa's sleigh on NORAD and were making hot chocolate and snacks for Santa and the reindeer.

Why she cannot take a normal picture is beyond me. We say we're going to take a picture and she poses. But here is Lily with cookies and carrots for Santa and Rudolph. I hope they share with the other reindeer.

Brian reading The Night Before Christmas to the kids. Side note: this poem was first published in the Troy (NY) Sentinal (right across the river from us) in 1823.

Jamison jumping on the trampoline that Santa gave him.

Which he then got caught in and was stuck.

Opening the stockings.

Jamison trying to stuff a gingerbread man and a plastic candy cane down his throat.

15 minutes after being introduced to his new trampoline he bit it. Out of love.

Lily playing with the castle that Santa brought here. She played with it for four straight hours.

She was reluctant, but we made her open more presents.

Jamison, on the other hand only wanted to rip open more presents. His gifts were mostly cars and airplanes.

Rip, rip, rip.

He found someone else interested in airplanes.

After all the presents were opened and naps were taken, we decided to make Hershey kiss peanut butter cookies. Brian told us to turn around for a picture and Lily kept posing like a model. How does she know to do these things? It cracked me up and Jamie was just confused.

Finally, a somewhat normal picture.

Then, Lily and Brian made Grandma's rolls for dinner.

We're teaching her now so that she knows the recipe so innately she will think it's a part of her. And then she will do the same thing to her children.

And while that was going on Jamison was drinking his sisters juice and Tulip was hoping that he would drop some food.

She didn't even need Brian at this point.

These hands will be working making this bread for the next 80 years. Get used to it, girl.
Notice that she's still in her nightgown. It was 2:30pm and she had no desire to get dressed.

It was a completely relaxing and enjoyable day. It wasn't a rushed, crazy frenzy of gifts being ripped open. That will be next year. I have 364 days to prepare for it.


Matt and Rachel said...

Must know where Santa got that castle for Lily!!!! I've never seen one -- and believe me, I've looked. It's the cutest thing and, like Lily, Madeleine LOVES those little princesses. Can you post a comment and let me know????

Funny thing -- Harrison was like Jamison and all into ripping open presents, too. Aren't boys different??

Reagan said...

i love your family.