Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Princesspalooza Part 2

Shield your eyes if you are easily startled. These pictures are not for the weak at heart. If you do start to feel ill, please blame my mother. She is the one who bought my daughter princess wigs for her birthday. In fact, I will punish her now for the wigs:

Due to the snow storm that was heading for us on Friday we switched from a birthday dinner to a birthday lunch. We also had it at the office so that dad and Brian wouldn't have to come home and then trek back out in the snow. This is what my father's office looked like after the opening of only three gifts.

She is not a neat gift-opener. She's a rip-it-open-try-it-on-where's-the-next-one-gift-opener.

Lily actually has been asking Santa for these wigs and I am dying to know what the Santa in the mall thinks about a four year old asking for wigs.
I'd like to call this one "Little Pretty Woman" instead of the Little Mermaid. I can imagine this being the wig of choice for the cheapest prostitute in Vegas. The wig is actually a neon red/pink color. It's hideous.

I put up a few birthday decorations for when she woke up on Friday morning, so that's what the poster is behind her. She wanted to take pictures standing next to the princesses that she was dressed up as.
She wanted to make sure the Ariel backpack was in this shot. Because it just wouldn't be worth it without the backpack.

Notice that she had to stand on a step stool in order to be next to Belle. We don't mince effort in the Whitt household.

I know there will be a time that I look back at these pictures and wish for the little girl who loved princesses to come back. So I truly do try to appreciate these moments...which is why I couldn't resist having a princess-filled birthday for her.


Erin said...

There are days that I am glad I have a boy :) Carter's favorite toy is a bat that he repeatedly hits everything with. We are learning not to hit Mommy and Daddy...and the dogs.

Kristen said...

The wigs are interesting. She does look a little like a street walker in them. Gotta start your career at some point though.