Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 Pictures Tell A Story

Lily and Jamie's school had a picnic back in June. The kids had prepared some songs for all the parents. They did the same thing last year and Lily just stood there, somewhat separate from her class, and gave dirty looks to people. It was such a pleasant memory.

Here is a flashback:

I had higher hopes for this year since she specializes in performances now. Why did I deceive myself?

Lily decided to stand next to Jamison, a little to the side of her class. Jamie is wearing stripes, his friend Reese is in red and his other friend Claire is wearing a white jacket. All of these pictures were taken within the time span of one Montessori school alma mater.
Jamie is trying to look at us and Reese is trying to interact with Jamie. Claire is not happy and Lily is confused.

And now Lily realizes that she's on camera and she turns it on. Jamie is still trying to get a good view of us.
Seconds later, Jamison has disappeared behind Reese, Lily has decided to shut down but wait! Who has appeared but her friend Ella! She's the one next to Lily with her back to the camera. She is also Claire's big sister. She's not such a fan of public performances.

Minimal improvement from Ella, who has at least turned around. But now we can see Jamie. And where did Claire go?

Reese has walked off somewhere and Lily has grabbed Jamie's hand to stop him from following Reese.

Ella has now wandered off somewhere, hopefully in search of her sister. Lily has decided that this is the perfect time to play with Jamison's hair.

And now it's time for hugs.

The song is almost over and most of the kids have been completely diverted by other fascinations.

So the performance by my children was a failure, but nonetheless entertaining for us.


Rachel said...

Love it! What great memories!

Kristen said...

Focus on the positive. Jaime did not bite a single person during the song! Progress!