Thursday, July 9, 2009

VBS Overload

We had Vacation Bible School last Monday-Wednesday at our church. The theme was Riders of the Great Roundup. Basically cowboys/cowgirls and anything western. We Yee-Hawed a lot in the matter of three days.

I didn't take any pictures during VBS since I was doing a lot of songs with crazy hand motions and helping my mother in teaching the 4th-6th graders. But I did take some pictures on Wednesday night when the classes did a little performance for the parents.

Jamison's class galloped up the aisle on toy horses decked out in western gear. Pop had to keep Jamison restrained since he was wandering around. They are at the very end of the picture.

Jamie is wearing rainboots for two reasons:
1. We now live in a rainforest where it rains everyday.
2. They are his new favorite footwear. I think because these are the only shoes he can put on by himself.
Lily's class sung "This Little Light of Mine." She's in the blue dress at the end.

Then they posed with Leo the Lion. Leo has been around for over 25 years. He's the oldest lion in the world, right here in Albany.

Jamie's class with Leo. I want a new lens for my camera so badly. You can't even see the faces in this picture. Dad is holding Jamison on the right side.

After the performances the kids wanted to show me their classrooms. Jamie let me in the corral so I could see all the decorations.

Next Lily took me to her classroom where I attempted to get a normal picture out of her.

Lily and Jamie enjoyed VBS so much - it was well worth all the effort and time. But thank goodness we have another 51 more weeks until it comes around again.


Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I feel the same way about VBS! Great fun, glad it is only one week out of the yr!

Cary/Ashley said...

In the last few pics of Lily it literally looks like she is bursting into flames because of her excitement...but maybe it's just the decorations behind her!!;)