Monday, September 20, 2010


Anyone want to guess what this is an x-ray of? See on the left side where there is that horizontal dark line where it should be a solid white bone? That's right! It's Jamison's broken wrist!

I had wanted some privacy when I was feeding the baby so I closed the bedroom door. I know, crazy - right??! Why should I expect privacy?! Jamison didn't like the idea of the privacy part, the door being shut part, or me feeding the baby alone part and decided to ram into the closed door.

He SCREAMED. I wrapped it in an Ace bandage and gave him some Tylenol. The wrist was clearly not broken since he could still move it. Isn't that a sign of just a bad sprain? I thought so, too.

For the next week (or two....I'll be honest, it took me a while) his wrist was usable, just sensitive. Why spend the money on a co-pay if they're just going to tell me it's a bad sprain? So finally Brian and my mother basically told me that it had gone on a little too long and he needed to see our primary. Our doctor was just as upset as I was that it wasn't a sprain.

He can't get it wet so bath time is incredibly fast. Which is unfortunate since he normally stayed in the bath for 20 precious minutes. We wrap it in plastic, secure it with tape or a rubber band, and it still gets wet.
The cast hasn't slowed him down at all (unfortunately). He has problems putting on his socks, shoes, and long sleeve shirts but that's it. He also hasn't complained an iota - which is wonderfully unexpected.
There is one small problem with the cast....he has no idea how hard it is. Especially when he is flinging his little body onto the blanket that the baby is laying on, barely missing the baby's fragile, and not completely closed up skull with the incredibly hard cast. Can a two month old get a concussion? Hopefully we won't find out.

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