Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Money!

I am an unabashed fan of our local paper, The Times Union, but due to the fact that it is very much a local paper, I only get it on the weekends. If I need to be updated on any news outside of the Capital Region I go online because The TU dedicates about 10% to national and international news.

Two of my favorite parts of the paper are the obituaries and the birth announcements. Some of the obituaries are so beautifully written and I love when the family really invests in a good one with the whole life story. And as much as I enjoy them I'm not sure Brian agrees so much when I force him to listen to me read a good one. "Ohhhh - look! They met in high school and married right after WW2!" or "Listen to this one! This man immigrated here from Poland in 1939, do you think it was before or after the German invasion?" Brian - "mmm-hhhmmm."

Birth announcements aren't nearly as detailed but I like looking at how many births took place on a certain day (full moon?), how big the babies weighed (epidural, please), and of course - their names. For the past few weeks I've been waiting for the July announcements so I could clip Patrick's birth announcement.

When I opened Sunday's paper I saw that the announcements started with July 21. Grrrr. I missed July 20th somewhere. I was already all settled with my coffee so I read them anyway.

A certain one caught my eye....

Now this mom has high expectations. Not only is he reminded daily that he should live to be a Prince but also that he has to Get Money! Now how can this child NOT be a prince among men?!?! It's unavoidable. And with a middle name like that he is bound for success!

I did find Patrick's announcement in my mom's recycling bin in the Thursday paper. Alas, Brian and I did not choose a name with as much potential as Prince Get Money Forte and I can only hope that if we raise him up in the Lord and pray a lot that he will be a man we can be proud of. Why didn't we think of that name first?!?!

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Cary/Ashley said...

too funny! poor kid.:(

We've been getting people saying Edith instead of Eden...hope we didn't make a mistake too!