Monday, October 25, 2010

Spider-Man Basketball

If anyone knows Jamison, you understand why most of the time I say the following to Jamie:
"please don't do that"
"that's not safe"
"you are not going to like how this turns out"
"that is not a good idea"
"remember your broken arm? you're about to do it again. SO STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

He hears all sorts of negative responses to his requests and/or demands. So if I have the ability to say "yes" to something I make the effort to do so. Recently, that meant that I was recruited to his team to play Spider-Man Basketball.
1. I am not a sports fan. Unless it's ice skating. Which is up for debate as a sport.
2. I have no knowledge in any form of comic books characters.
3. I don't like games.
So when I agreed to be his teammate (his words) I was really making a sacrifice.

First things first, roll up Spidey's pant legs so they transform into shorts. (see previous post about his shorts obsession)

Next, grab basketball that was randomly thrown into the front lawn.

Position yourself onto porch stoop. I was assigned the other stoop with the instructions to - "sit there and wait until I miss."

Make the shot!

Fist pump and celebrate!

Race to other porch stoop, ask me to move, crouch into sassy Spider-Man position.

Luckily, I did not have to find a mommy-sized Spider-Man costume for my turn to shoot. That would not have been pretty and I'm sure the neighbors would not have appreciated it.

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Jonathan said...

Fist pump and celebrate!