Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Pumpkins

On Saturday, we squeezed picking out our pumpkins between the windiest soccer game ever, Patrick's naps, and dinner. I was on a pumpkin-finding mission.

Have I mention Jamison's new fashion statement? Little did I know how much shorts meant to him. When I put all his shorts away because HEAVEN FORBID it's FALL and the temperature is in the 40's, it caused a tad bit of a disruption. After a few (few=a bigillion) temper tantrums screaming for the return of the shorts I had to come up with a compromise. The compromise is that he must wear pants, but they can be rolled up. Yes, he looks ridiculous. But surely it can't last forever. Definitely not all winter - right? I keep telling him his legs will fall off because it's so cold but I don't think he believes that's a good enough reason to unroll his pants.

Lily took FOR-EV-ER to pick out a pumpkin. She had some kind of weird requirement about the weight in proportion to the appearance. After about 20 minutes I had to tune her out.

While Lily was reviewing her pros and cons list for her gourd selection with Brian, I was trying to get some cute pictures of Patrick (fail). That meant Jamison was somewhat unsupervised. I turned around to find that he was running in circles in the parking lot.

And the first of my many attempts to get all kids smiling, looking at the camera, and minimal drool.

Patrick is still too squishy for this pose. He kinda rolled up like a pill bug every time I backed away so this was the best one. This is what I was doing when Jamison decided to use the parking lot as a race track.

And then they were done.

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