Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jamison's 4th Birthday! (He's now 5...)

My kids love birthdays.  Anyone's birthday, we don't even need to know them or live near them.  So when it's one of our birthdays they go a little overboard.  Or I should say, I let them go overboard.  We have cake on the day of their birthday and more cake on the day of their birthday party.

They decided it would only be fair for each to decorate half of the cake.  Lily's is the side that looks like blue frosting exploded all over it. (side note: why does decoration frosting taste gross??  It's so deceitful: looks pretty and tempting until you actually eat it. ick.)

We do use utensils in our home.  Jamison opted out of that in this instance.

At his Montessori pre-school they have a birthday walk that involves the birthday kid holding the earth and "revolving" around a candle sun.  Jamison walked 4 times around for his fourth birthday...just in case you needed help with that thought process.

After his birthday walk he ran into Brian's arms.  It was incredibly sweet. 

And then we had his birthday party at our house.  We rented a bouncy-bounce and invited some close friends to celebrate. 

One thing (or numerous) that I love about Jamison: the kid never met a gift he didn't love! and always wanted! and made his dreams come true!

And this is Patricia.  Jamison and Patricia were best friends in preschool that year.  We always tried to tease him about Patricia but he never batted an eyelash about it.  Patricia was no teasing matter.

Brian and kids in the bouncy bounce. ( note, only 2 out of 4 are looking at the camera and this was the BEST shot).

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