Sunday, September 2, 2012

End of Year (2011) Celebrations

Lily's kindergarten class had a talent show that was incredibly entertaining.  It involved book readings, ballet performances, karate showcases, and a spectacular jedi light saber demonstration.

Lily is a very good artist and decided on a pastoral scene. 

My beautiful soon-to-be first grader!

Jamison's school performed a few different songs.  Jamison is great at group sing a-longs....

...until he starts to think about things.  What does this all mean?  What is our end goal with this activity? At least, I'm hoping his thoughts are this deep and not something along the lines of "when can I go to the bathroom"?   or "there better be pizza for lunch" or "what are the chances I can get more than one dessert?"

He looks so contemplative while the singing is going on around him.  And when one has no pockets, what better place to rest one's hands?

It's such a bore to clap when you're happy and you know it.


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