Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kid Pics-June 2011

Patrick use to do this cute nose-sniffing thing that a lot of babies do.  Except he did it ALL THE TIME.  It never failed to make me laugh. 

So it's for his own good that I ran across these old pictures recently.

Because he's been developed a HUGE two-year-old personality that isn't exactly pleasant.

And as I've told him recently: "there are plenty of potential mommies and daddies out there that would pay a pretty penny to buy ANY two year old.  So don't get on my bad side."  He hasn't called my bluff yet.

And then there was the Sunday that I thought "this would be a great morning to take a picture of all three of them."  I must have had a great night's sleep to be that optimistic.  Unfortunately, Jamison was going through a period of a "catch pose" for every. single. picture. I attempted. 

He called it "the cool guy."

It took months for us to convince him that a pointed finger doesn't make him a cool guy.

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