Monday, September 10, 2012

Sacandaga Lake 2011

If you've looked through the history of this blog at all you'll quickly realize our family does the same things and goes to the same places each year.  In fact, most of the places and activities are things that I've done since I was a kid.  We can't break traditions around here!

I am an advocate of family traditions, especially when the kids are little.  It helps them to understand our priorities (church every Sunday and Wednesday, for example), it develops lasting memories, and it helps the kids understand the passage of time.

So here we are at the lake, again. 
Same ducks, every year.

 Jamison losing his swimming trunks, every year.

 Trying to get the kids to look at the camera, every year.

Baby on the inside, 2010. (I went into labor the next day)
Baby on the outside, 2011.

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