Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elmo Round Two

Jamison has never been a child that has had many interests. The few things that he loves...HE LOVES. His Sooner's blankey that Nana Karan made him, food, books (although only for 37 seconds, but it's a consistent 37 seconds), food, airplanes, food, and most recently, Elmo.

When Jamison was three months old I offered him his first Baby Einstein video. I was rewarded with screaming. Point taken - this was not something he was interested in. If Jamison was my first child I would have patted myself on the back that my child has never watched more than 10 minutes of tv. But by the time that my child is one year old I'm DYING for him to just watch 30 FREAKING minutes of tv so I can make dinner in peace for crying out loud!

Jamie's interest in nothing is incredibly frustrating. He has the attention span of my father...which also bonds them but now I'm tortured on both fronts - at work and at home. Happily, Jamison is more easily distracted than my father so I can offer him some pots and pans and I can get a good 3 minutes of freedom.

But most recently, Jamison has realized that we have Elmo DVD's. He will sit and watch 30 minutes of the 45 minute video. It's a three part video and he will sit and watch the family and mail part but the minute that the bath portion starts he is out of the room. Typical boy - doesn't like to bathe.

So we're in a new phase and I am thankful. But I also know that this will not last long. Luckily, Jamie's love (let's be truthful - infatuation) of airplanes and helicopters is always something I can fall back. The only problem is that I can only spend so many hours watching planes land and take off at the airport. Stay tuned as you follow me on my quest to find the perfect airplane DVD that will keep him occupied.

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Kristen said...

I'm sure dad could recommend some History Channel documentary on WW2 airplanes that would work.