Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Everyone came back from Florida on Saturday and Brian made sure that he brought home a souvenir for me! There were four packages of fresh strawberries!

My dad stopped in North Carolina on his way home from Florida to have lunch with my grandparents. Mammy made sure to give him some tomatoes and oranges for me - I'm assuming they are from Florida since Mammy and Grandpops just returned from Florida as well.

You might ask yourself - why is everyone in Florida BUT Katie and the kids? Why, indeed? Blame the economy.

The four of us devoured one of the packages of strawberries right away. The kids went crazy over them...which made me feel like a horrible mother since they acted like they haven't seen fruit in months. (and let's be honest - with the exception of apples, bananas, and fruit cups, they have been deprived of fruit.)

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