Friday, February 20, 2009

The Rippin' Dress

So Lily's obsession with princesses has not diminished an iota. Her biggest enjoyment is putting on "shows" in which she dresses up a as a specific princess and plays out the story. This show includes various costume changes. Sometimes these shows will take 20-30 minutes. It actually has gotten to the point that we have told Lily we will not sit through these shows if she does not practice - the costume changes were taking up most of the time.

Anyway, about a month ago she randomly told me that she could not do a Cinderella show because she did not have a ribbon dress.
Me: "A ribbon dress?"
Lily: "NO - a rippin' dress"
Me: "I have no idea what a rippin' dress is."
Lily: "The dress Cinderella wore when the stepsisters ripped it."
Me: "You mean the dress the mice fixed up for her?!"
Lily: "Yes, I need it to do a Cinderella show and I can't do the show without the dress."
Me: "You have got to be kidding me. They don't sell that dress so you'll have to make one."
Lily: "Do you know how to sew?"
Me: "No."
Lily: "Nana knows how to sew. She can make my dress."
Me: "Well, I want nothing to do with this. Talk to your father."

And so it began. My biggest fear was that Karan would put all this time, effort, and money into this dress and then Lily would find the littlest thing wrong with it and she wouldn't wear it. For weeks I heard about "the rippin' dress." Was Nana working on it now? Would she have to wait until she turned five to get it? When would she turn five again? Could she have another princess party? Who would she invite to the party? When was Nana going to mail the rippin' dress?

This went on and on and on and on and on and on and then one day.........

This dress is absolutely perfect. I know Karan is talented but this dress is exactly like the dress in the movie. Lily lives in it now. She brings it with her whenever I drop her off at my mother's and she brings it back home with her. Karan, not only have you created a beautiful dress but you have saved me from one more endless conversation about princesses. Now I only have to be involved in 79 other endless princess conversations.

Jamison also received some gifts from Nana and Poppa for Valentine's Day.

A Valentine's Day cookie.
And his newest interest - Elmo. More on that "interest" in another post. He received an Elmo train that he likes to roll across the table and watch as it crashes to the floor.

But of course it needs to meet his standards - can the truck fit in his mouth?

Thank you so much Nana and Poppa for the dress and the Valentine's Day gifts! We miss you!


Rachel said...

That dress is perfect!! Way to go Nana!! She did a wonderful job! I'm glad Lily loves it and you are spared another conversation about princesses!

Amy Anguish said...

I was at Karan's house when she was watching Cinderella to remember what the dress looked like . . . and I got to see it before she mailed it off! I told her it was perfect and I'm so glad Lily loved it!

Lila said...

That dress fits Lily perfectly!! Quite a while ago she asked me if I sewed. I thought she just wanted me to mend something for her. She said, "No, I mean a whole dress." I told her she had the wrong grandmother!!!! I shop; I do not sew!!! When Kristen was up, I noticed her looking at it closely since she has taken up sewing, just in case the twins get the same obsession in a few years! So thank you so much for you and your talent! I am still hoping to see you in the summer for some potty training for Jamison!!!

Cary/Ashley said...

Does the dress come a part with velcro panels for when the ugly step sisters are done with her?;)

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

ASHLEY! You are lucky Lily does not know how to read that! Are you trying to make my life miserable? That's the best idea - if i cared enough to make the dress a replica.

Cary/Ashley said...

Ha-ha! Just asking!!;) So the rippin' dress doesn't actually rip??? Also to be more authenic I could send Lily some cinders from our fireplace to rub on herself!!:)

Matt and Rachel said...

Harrison has that same outfit -- we must thing/shop alike! We're also BIG into "melmo" at our house. I think I'll be glad when that phase is over. I can only take so much elmo! :)

Jim said...

Imagine how much fun it is to live with someone so talented for 31 years. I'm the luckiest Papa on the planet. I love you, Nana.