Friday, February 6, 2009

The Kids Were Being Cute So I Took Pictures

I am still trying to grow her bangs out. They are starting to annoy her so I once casually mentioned that if she hadn't cut them, it wouldn't be a problem. Now whenever she says something about them I give her a look and she laughs so hard and says "I KNOW mama, I should not have cut my hair, even if it was with safety scissors." She still thinks that the fact she used safety scissors justifies the action.
Each night, when I cook dinner, Brian is a horse or a monster so that the kids stay out of the kitchen. Jamison has better balance than Lily so he is always on the back. He just holds on for dear life with his legs. Brian says that it's genetic since Paw (Brian's grandfather) used to ride bareback on the farm. I think we need to put him on an actual horse and then we'll see what a natural he is.

Tulip was confused as to why Brian was walking on all fours and wanted to check things out.

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24crayons said...

I LOVE that the dog went in for a kiss in that last one.