Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Party Montage

Jamie! Jamison! J.MA.SON. Over here. Show people your shirt! Show them how old you are!

AHHH! Gotcha! He's TWO!

Pop was invited to eat at the kiddie table.

The guests....Brian's mother, Nana, was up visiting as well as my grandmother, Mammy, my sister and her girls, and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Loren. We keep it small for the parties that the kids will never remember.

The presents....Emerson is being helpful with Jamison's gift.

Lily was being, um, not so helpful. But she's so sly about it that my mother and I were the only two that noticed what she was up to.

The cake....

At least he's keeping his hands clean. Baby steps. I have to focus on baby steps to stay sane.

Patiently waiting for Aunt Linda to cut the cake.

And then I decided I wanted a picture of all the kids. I know it was crazy and we all were not expecting perfection.

This was the best one. The only reason it won that award was because only one child (Maddie M) was not looking at the camera. Smiles would have been a pipe dream. And while it looks like Emerson has enough happiness to share, it didn't spread.

This was right after I freaked out at my sister for yelling in my ear.

And this picture just cracked me up. Lily and Emerson are in their own worlds and Jamison is just waiting for instructions.

Happy Second Birthday Jamison! Stop growing up, please.


Cary/Ashley said...

love the 2 shirt!!

Kristen said...

I would like to point out if it wasnt for my yelling you would have had 3 kids not looking at the camera instead of 1. So, there.