Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nana and Poppa Visit!

For the past two weeks Brian's mom, Nana, has been up visiting us from Texas. For the last four days of her trip Brian's dad, Jim, joined us as well.

We made it a very relaxing and easy going visit - no major events planned with the exception of Jamison's birthday party.

Karan always has activities planned for the kids, usually arts and crafts. This, of course, is right up Lily's alley. One of Karan's ideas was to paint with pudding. We had to wait for the weather to be warm enough since we definitely were not going to attempt this indoors. The night before Jim and Karan left we made the pudding, brought the picnic table outdoors, grabbed some poster board and hearded the artists outside.

The media was pastacio, chocolate, and butterscotch. The artists were not starving...but ate the pudding as if they were. They were timid at first and Lily asked for a paper towel three times. We've told Jamison not to eat his coloring materials so often that we basically had to put his face in the pudding to show him it was ok. Yes, this you can eat. We're honestly doing our best to confuse this kid.

At one point I told them to high five and paint splattered everywhere, mainly over Jamie since Lily high-fived so hard. I wish I had recorded their laughter.

Afterwards, Lily asked for me to turn the hose on so she could wash her hands. There was no way I was not going to drench her.

Jamison did not want to get wet unless it gently misted on his precious toes. I drenched him anyway...(only once, don't feel so bad for him.)
Right before we took them to the airport we got a nice picture of Poppa and Nana with the kids. We had a wonderful visit and the we all miss them already.


Cary/Ashley said...

What a fun creative idea!!:) The kids looked like they had a blast!
Your flowers are beautiful!! Loved seeing pictures of your yard.:)

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

oops, i just realized i never spell checked that post. i found "pistachio" spelled wrong. anyone else see anything?

Rachel said...

What a great idea! I think Nana is pretty smart! Looks like they had tons of fun and I know you had WAY more fun watching them outdoors!

I don't feel but for Jamison at all! I would have drenched my children as well! Way to go mom!

Your flowers in your yard are looking great!