Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tea Party

The kids classes host a tea party for one parent each year. Lily's was a few weeks ago but I forgot to bring my camera. I took a few blurry pictures on my phone and depended on another mother to email me her pictures.

But I did remember the camera for Jamison's tea party.

I will admit that I was terrified of this tea party. Jamie's teacher, Michelle, encourages the kids to bring their parent a cup of hot tea. Jamison is not the "hot-tea-carrying kind". He's the spill-everything-I-carry type.

Here is our table. The parents sit, the kids are supposed to sit on the parents lap. So this table hosted four adults and four children. It was tight.

Jamison had no idea what was going on and wasn't sure about the whole deal. Why was mama so dressed up yet not going to church?

He successfully brought my tea to the table and Michelle was smart enough to only fill it 1/3 full. I was going to wear a smock to be prepared but it would not have followed the dress code of "dressy". Jamie did enjoy dunking my teabag into the water but the small amount of water with the intense dunking led to a mighty strong cuppa.

And then the class sang a special song - Skimmery Rinky Dinky Dink. Or however it's spelled. I'm not sure it's an official song in any way except an official song that will get stuck in your head over and over and over.
Jamison was stunned by this performance. He was completely stunned by this activity. I wish I could draw an arrow for the next three pictures because you can see where his teacher placed him and then how he slowly made his way to be in front of me.

At this point he is behind the two girls at the left. All you can see are his eyes and top of his head.

He succeeded! He was now in front of me and able to pay attention to the last measure of the song.

Afterwards he showed me some of his favorite works. This was a pouring work that he was concentrating heavily on. You could almost hear him repeating over and over "must spoon popcorn kernels into bowl."

Jamison can spot a school bus a mile away, so of course he gravitated towards the bus puzzle piece.

Jamison next to his cubby.

Jamison and his teacher, Michelle.


Rachel said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Jamison! It is precious!!! Glad you remembered your camera. What special memories for both of you! I love how kids 'need' to be in front of their momma's and daddy's just to make sure they aren't missing out on what they are doing. Great tea party!

Reagan said...

that is so fun!

Jason and Misty said...

Man he is getting sooooo big. Joshlynn has tea with Elijah's transformers. Then she beats them up. Did any one get beat up at your tea party?