Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp Hunt Family Weekend

Two weekends ago was Camp Hunt Family Weekend. We only went up on Saturday though since that was Day One of babysitting a six-month old for the week. I wasn't about to go camping with a baby who's patterns I did not know.

As soon as we got there Lily met up with her friends and took off.

All she did was run. I only saw her as a blur as she raced around the camp ground.

Jamison, Maddie, and Ruthie kept closer to us and our food.

Jackpot! Jamie found the woman who will always give him snacks.

I love this picture, not just because it shows Brian feeding Maddie (in polka dots) but also because of the other Maddie (in pink) looking at that snack enviously.

This is where we lounged for the afternoon. At one point I think there were 30 of us sitting around with all our kids.

Then the boys decided to play a form of baseball with a Nerf ball and bat. Jamison wanted to get in on the action. He was seriously observing the game.

Brian let him make a pitch.

When Lily finally slowed down I saw the whole group gather to make SERIOUS plans. There was going to be a play. There were going to be pirates. And fairies. And someone had to be Peter Pan.

And as I got closer I realized that she was actually directing the group in their pirate plans. She can't beat genetics.

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Lisi said...

ooo, that's me in one of the pictures. standing up. avoiding the dog poop.