Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have seen this smallish mountain range in the Adirondacks my entire life. It is probably burned on my retinas so that even if I never go back I will always see it when I close my eyes.

This is the island that we went to every summer from the time I was three until I was seventeen. It's pretty pitiful but I love it.

When we drove the boat by the island we saw two families swimming and playing - just like we (Meeks and Knapps) used to. In fact there were even two little heads bobbing on the left side of the island (you can barely see them) and we used to swim there too. That weak looking birch tree on the right? Andy Knapp almost uprooted the thing one year by yanking branches off to start a fire. The sand that you see? Tamar Knapp lost a ring in that sand when she and Billy were dating and after hours of searching it was actually found. The sun that's shining on that island? It's to blame for my fear of sunburns. Very, very, very bad sunburns. Sunburns that will probably bring me skin cancer when I'm older.

And I got to show my 75 SPF sunblocked lathered kids that same island this year.

Our monthly attempt to get all four looking at one camera. Our monthly failure.

Pop: "Jamie wanna drive the boat?"
Jamie: "Yeth."
So Jamie drove the boat, honked the horn, pushed some buttons, and as we were driving at 15 mph shut the boat off and brought us to an abrupt stop. While Ruthie sat on Pop's lap for 15 minutes she never once touched any of the buttons. Jamie was on his lap for 37 seconds and he turns the boat off.

I wish I knew what they were talking about.

A moment of calm..kinda. Mom's definition of calm is different from mine and Kristen's.

Jamie liked when the boat went fast.

About halfway through the boat ride Maddie and Ruthie decided they wanted to JUMP INTO THE WATER. They were very, very desperate to get into the water. And they were not happy when Kris and I held them back. We would grab onto their life jacket straps and they would actually hit us so they could be free! and jump off the boat! and swim with the mermaids! and scare us!

And after that we thought the boat adventure was finished. But no. Later that night it down poured for about three hours. Billy noticed that the boat was kinda floating awkwardly...as in the motor-end of the boat was extremely low in the water. Andy swam out to the boat and someone, some random two year old that I dare not mention, whilst playing with the boat switches on Pop's lap, turned off the motor that pumps water out of the boat when four inches of rain fall from the sky.
And so Andy proceeded to dump over 100 buckets of rainwater from the boat. And the next morning they dumped some more. And Jamison sat on the beach and watched it all asking "what those boys doing?" And the only thought in my head was - at least he didn't sink the thing!

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