Monday, August 31, 2009


It's a long-ish story that I will tell another time but I haven't been able to post sooner because I was in Nashville all last week. In my preparation for our trip to Nashville I packed a suitcase I hadn't used since I packed for Camp Hunt in July. In the front pocket I found a letter that a camper graciously let me photocopy.

Why did I want to photocopy a letter from a camper? It epitomized one of the reasons I enjoy teenagers - Teenage Angst!

In order to protect the innocent I have marked out the names on the letter and I will use different names during the story. The girl camper will be Bernadette and the boy camper will be Sonny. So back in July when we were all at Camp Hunt I was sitting at dinner with Bernadette's counselor. Bernadette had received the letter from Sonny via a messenger. Isn't that how it's always done?! Either that or the warm fuzzy board.

This is what Sonny wrote Bernadette in case you can't read his handwriting (which he admits is not so great):


Hey; how are you? (semi-colon Sonny? really?) I wanted to write you a note to try to save all the awkwardness (I had to correct his spelling) of me just telling you. Ummm.....I really like you a lot but I don't want to ask you out in case you're not interested at all. I thought that if you were interested that you maybe you could just talk to me or something. I really didn't want to put you on the spot of anything and I really just want you to be happy. Well, hope to hear from you later.

Hope for the best,


P.S. I'm very sorry about my terrible handwriting but I try my best.

So Bernadette had come over to her counselor with this note because she was not at all interested in Sonny. I was stunned. I had to intervene (I always do anyway).

"Bernadette, this guy is amazing. Why don't you like him?"

"He's nice but he's not my type."

In other words, she didn't think he was hot. And he wasn't. But I admire this guy for many reasons that I will now list.

1. "Save the awkwardness" - YES! perfect Sonny. Isn't that the worst part? I totally agree. How considerate to write it in a note and save face!

2. "In case you're not interested" - He gives her an out in case she isn't interested! He's humble enough to admit that he knows she may not like him back. Sonny, you are so mature for 14.

3. "just talk to me" - Oh that rips out my heart. He just wants her to talk to him.

4. "I just want you to be happy" - There goes Sonny being all mature again. He obviously likes her enough to think about her happiness. BERNADETTE - he wants you to be happy! Date him!

But alas, she didn't care about my arguments on his behalf. She did make a good point in that I didn't even know Sonny. But I feel like I know him just from these few lines. I hope that he finds a girl that appreciates him for who he is. Unfortunately, since I don't know the kid and I blacked out his name on the note there is no way I will ever know.


Cary/Ashley said...

oh the days of camp relationships!!
Funny story! Sonny will have to survive the vicious teenage years, but will make a GREAT husband in the future.:)

Rachel said...

That is great! And yes, if you were ever able to not put in your two cents I think I might cry! I love you and your two cents! I love teenage relationships! I agree with Ash, it will make him a better husband.